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Christmas Radio Countdown – Day 12

Friday! Time for some hot holiday licks! Boogie your way into the weekend with the last of SomaFM’s yuletide offerings … Christmas Rocks!

Pretty much every “rock n roll” holiday cut from the last 50 years is on this playlist, everything from the Beach Boys to Bad Religion with all the stops in between. And of course, commercial free. Check it out on Soma’s web site, or look for “Christmas Rocks” on your handy-dandy TuneIn app, and get ready to rock out with the fat man.

An Actual Use For iBeacon. Who Knew!

One of the lesser announcements to come out of the iPhone 5c/5s media event was the launch of something called “iBeacon”. It was described as a way to deliver content to iOS devices based on extremely tight location-based notifications. I immediately assumed that all it would be good for was another wave of bogus advertising initiatives.

In other words, blah.

However, it looks like there might be something in play here that is both cool and can be monetized enough to make it stick. A pilot project at a bar in London is using iBeacon to deliver actual content to patrons’ iOS devices while they are at the pub. As long as you are within the confines of the bar you get copies of the footie magazine When Saturday Comes and the lifestyle paper Dazed and Confused for free on your i-device’s Newsstand. If this works out, it could be a win across the board: The establishment (pub, bookstore, coffee shop, whatever) gets you to stick around and buy a couple of more drinks while you read, the magazine publisher gets both the licensing fee and the potential for hang-on subscribers, and the patron gets some reading material that is tailored to their tastes. Much cooler than straight-out advertising, and much more likely to have some legs in the long run.

Fingers crossed that this one works out.

Christmas Radio Countdown – Day 11

With a name like “Smooth Christmas Radio” you might think that these guys are loaded with all sorts of Michael Bolton and Kenny G and other sorts of white-bread dreck. But you would be wrong! This is a really cool station, with a great mix of, well, everything! I’m a big fan of this one – lots of standards, a sprinkling of modern stuff, and just enough of an edge to be a teeny tiny bit irreverent.

This is an “all day and never get bored” kind of blend. Note that there are a few liners here and there, mostly to pimp the name of the “featured artist”, so it’s not completely wall-to-wall music. Get it in your browser at, or fire up the TuneIn Radio app and do a search for “smooth Christmas”.

Christmas Radio Countdown – Day 10

Hey! We don’t need no steenking eenglish! Ho ho ho and all that kind of stuff transcends borders! Language! Basic comprehension! So you can get your Christmas tunes anywhere … including Germany!

Check out Sclagerweihnacht for your mid-week injection of traditional carols. On the web here, or search for “schlagerweihnacht” (sorry!) on TuneIn Radio. You might not understand a word, but you know all the songs anyway and the arrangements here are first class. Really nice stuff to cruise through a dreary December mid-week day. Achtung!

Christmas Radio Countdown – Day 9

Ready for a holiday island getaway? Christmas flavored with island breezes and gentle surf, but without all that sunburn and sand getting into the most annoying places? Drop by the Christmas channel on the Aloha Joe radio network – Christmas favorites from Hawaii. For reals!

Check it out on channel 1 of the Aloha Joe web site, of search for “Aloha Joe Christmas” on TuneIn Radio. And … aloha!

Christmas Radio Countdown – Day 8

Back to the grind – another week, another monday, and it’s time to get a little poppy. Okay, a lot poppy. 181 FM’s “Christmas Power” is loaded from top to bottom with teen-something, 20-something, top-40, boy-band, American-Idol, flavour of the moment acts that will probably be gone and forgotten by this time next year. If One Direction and Miley Cyrus and the cast of Glee are not your cup of tea, you might want to pass on this one. Otherwise, enjoy.

Check it out on the web (warning: 181.FM uses those bogus “confirm navigation” dialogs when you try and close the window) or get him on your TuneIn app by searching for “181 Christmas power”.


Christmas Radio Countdown – Day 7

Sunday is the perfect day for some mellow grooves – you want to kick back, chill, and enjoy some downtime before jumping into another hectic pre-Christmas week. Why not try “Holiday Jazz” form JAZZRADIO?

Yeah, they capitalize it. Whatever.

Check it out on the web at JAZZRADIO or search for “Jazzradio holiday jazz” on TuneIn Radio, and enjoy some hot licks on a cool December day.

Christmas Radio Countdown – Day 6

A quickie for your Saturday morning – from the Sky collection of digital broadcasts comes the SKY.FM Christmas Channel. Lots of orchestral and traditional vocal work, with a decided (and for obvious reasons, unsurprising) emphasis on artists out of the U.K. Click here for some direct web action of search for “SKY.FM Christmas” on TuneIn.

Santa out!

Christmas Radio Countdown – Day 3

Three words for you: New Age Christmas. And no, I’m not kidding. GotRadio’s “Heavenly Holidays” is a rather sedate blend of instrumental cuts for the crystals-n-channeling set. I freely admit that this is not really my cup of tea … but if you are at the end of a hectic day and need something that will turn your brain into mush and still keep you in a Christmas frame of mind then this is the audio stream for you.

Get it on the web here, or search for “GotRadio Heavenly Holidays” on TuneIn. Just don’t try to operate heavy machinery afterwards.

Christmas Radio Countdown – Day 2

Let’s change gears in a big way for day 2. SomaFM’s “Christmas Lounge” stream is about as non-traditional as it gets, but still manages to respect the vibe and the message of the season. The foundation of the playlist here is big band and traditional jazz combined with a healthy layer of classic 50s and 60s lounge vocals. You can turn this on behind a dinner gathering or a quiet cocktail gathering and feel like your are having a swinging little gathering backstage at a classic Vegas dinner show.

And interesting little twist is how the playlist varies from the daytime hours through the evening and into the deep of night. During the day there are quite a few remix tracks – christmas cuts from old-school icons like Julie London or Dean Martin that have been recharged with modern beats and bass lines. As the evening wears on the playlist leans towards more traditional swing and big jazz combo work, and when midnight comes around the trance and deep house stuff starts to come out. It keeps the stream fresh and and intriguing around the clock, and means that you will never have to get up and hunt for something “more appropriate” as the mood changes.

As with all the SomaFM channels, you can find “Christmas Lounge” on a multitude of internet radio aggregators, or you can listen online via the web at If you are using the TuneIn Radio app, search for “Soma Christmas lounge” to get a direct hit.

If you are entertaining and want a “set and forget” solution for your Christmas audio, this is definitely the way to go.